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Compute! Magazine Issue 122

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Compute! Magazine Issue 122

Published October 1990

October 1990 Volume 12 No.7 Issue 122
Gazette Subscriber Edition
Special Coverage Follows Page 88

Mail-Order Maze G-4
Mickey McLean
Learn your way through the mail-order maze. Shopping by mail can be convenient and economical, but check out these tips before you buy.

A Teacher's Game Machine G-8
Dorothy Hemme
While some may call what she does with her computer work, this schoolteacher says it's fun to put her 64 to the test.

64/128 View G-1
Tom Netsel
A funny thing happened to Gazette on the way to the printer. Find out exactly what happened to the magazine and what's in store for future issues.

News & Notes G-2
A call for computer art for the new "Gazette Gallery". Check out new games involving baseballs, dinosaurs, tennis, and more.

Feedback G-12
Editors and Readers
Learn about secret color memory on the 128 and a way to turbocharge your 64. Letters, tips, help for Plus/4 users, and more.

Machine Language G-16
Jim Butterfield
Using the curious BIT command. Examine input/output registers and do it quickly with this little-user 6502-based command.

D'Iversions G-18
Fred D'Ignazio
Much of today's desktop electronic equipment is smaller than yesterday's portables. Machines are getting smaller, and they're working harder, too.

Beginner Basic G-20
Larry Cotton
Learn how to create and control a musical sprite. Place it on a staff and use it to make music.

Programmer's Page G-22
Randy Thompson
Want to shake up people with your programming skills? Add an earthquake to your programs or cause screens to fade away. Tips from readers and more.

Auto Proofreader G-24
Check your typing and programming with this utility.

How To Type In G-40
Instructions for typing in Gazette programs.

Typing Aids G-28, 36
Get a free copy of MLX, The Auto Proofreader, and typing instructions.

Type-In Programs
Section Pi G-25
Mariusz Jakubowski
Guide your space craft through eight levels of alien attacks. Shoot anything that moves or stands in your way if you expect to save mankind in this arcade game for the 64.

Line-Up G-29
R. B. Cook
If you think you're good at playing solitaire, try your hand at this 64 version of the popular card game. You'll probably turn over some new twists.

Sound Master G-31
Hubert Cross
Create and edit your own sound effects with this joystick-controlled sound editor for the 64.

Codebusters G-36
Michael Sedlezky
Use your robot to decode the locked vaults that contain the national defense system's stolen security numbers. Recover the numbers before time runs out, but watch out for the security guard.

Editorial License 4
Peter Scisco
Home computing is back in a big way - and so are we.

News & Notes 10
Clean Earth campaign, game hints online, and two computers in one.

Letters 12
Geography lessons and food for thought.

Hotware 33
Best-selling software from around the country.

Reviews 60
Take Charge! on the PC, CanDo on the Amiga, Strike Aces on the 64, Grammatik Mac for the Macintosh, and a whole lot more.

In Focus
Family Affair 14
Keith Ferrell
IBM introduces the PS/1, its latest entry into the home computer market. COMPUTE takes advantage of the opportunity to introduce some newcomers to IBM.

COMPUTE's October Sharepak Disk 24
Richard C. Leinecker
Five fun programs to ease your family's move into home computing.

Conversations 26
Keith Ferrell
Emiel Petrone describes a new wave of computing devices that may soon affect the way we play.

Artful Appliance
Peter Scisco
GEOS brings push-button computing to the massess - and multitasking to the PC. Put easy-to-use power in your machine.

Home Office
COMPUTE Choice 36
Marvin Osaki
Look like a professional with Express Publisher - without destroying your budget.

Dan Janal 42
Keep your business afloat while you're on the road.

Installment Plan 44
Philip Chien
How up-to-date is your home-office system? Make the switch to 3 1/2-inch floppy disks following our step-by-step process. Don't get left behind.

COMPUTE Choice 70
Gregg Keizer
Reach for the golden spike in Railroad Tycoon.

GamePlay 74
Orson Scott Card
Some of the best games come from home.

The Design Game 76
Tom Netsel
What does it take to design top entertainment software? Ask some of the best, like Origin's Lord British, and you get some surprising answers.

GameScope 82
Helpful hints from our readers on defeating the evil Dark Wing in Activision's MechWarrior and staying alive in enemy territory while playing MicroProse's Gunship.

COMPUTE Choice 58
With Revolution '76, learn the history of America's birth by commanding the colonies in their fight for independence.

PathWays 62
Steven Anzovin
Magical machines for many tasks - that's what we ask from our computers.

Can Software Teach? 64
Michael C. Perkins and Kelley Rivers
Can software help your kids learn, or is it just more fun and games? Listen to professional educators and then decide for yourself.

Laurence Garel has been creating computer-generated images since 1980. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Newsday, and Madison Avenue, and one of his drawings hangs in the Museum of Modern Art.

Year 1990
Language English
Collection compute-magazine; computermagazines; magazine_rack; additional_collections


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